The Legion Trailer: Yup, the End is Definitely Coming


"The End is Near! The Apocalypse is coming! But forget horsemen and Endtime Rulers and all that. It's actually going to play itself out a lot like Bagdad Café (the movie version, not the Whoopi Goldberg TV adaptation), and Paul Bettany is going to lead the fight against an army of demon ice cream truck drivers and foul-mouthed grannyzebubs as Dennis Quaid's skin boils while he's nailed upside down to a cross and his whole torso explodes. And there's going to be guns. Lots and lots of guns! Thank god Dr. Addison Montgomery is there -- she can help deliver the savior baby! Did you ever notice how much black-winged angels look like bats when flying in formation?"

Verdict: What happens when that guy in the Denny's parking lot wearing a discarded bra on his head and screaming at the top of his lungs sells his first screenplay.


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