Real-Life Ferris Bueller Grew Up to Be Obama-Investigated Bush Crony


Overshadowed somewhat by Molly Ringwald's candid John Hughes reminiscence in the NYT yesterday was a similar article in the Washington Post, penned by the man who may well have inspired the iconic character of Ferris Bueller. Edward McNally grew up on the same street as Hughes and when the two went to high school, McNally had a tally of absences, car-borrowing adventures, and outlandish excuses that would make even Bueller blush. So what became of our real-life Ferris after he graduated?

He became a trial lawyer, a speechwriter for the first President Bush, and then a general counsel in the Department of Homeland Security under George W. Bush (the two had both been members of the secret Skull & Bones society in college). Oh, also, then-senator Barack Obama asked the Bush Justice Department to investigate McNally for shady dealings connected with corrupt ex-Gov. George Ryan, who is now in prison. Plus, remember those attorneys fired by former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales? Guess which Bush loyalist got named to one of the vacant posts?

In summation, Ben Stein is masturbating so hard right now.

· A Mirror Up To the Original Ferris Bueller [WaPo]