5 Things About Motherhood That You Wouldn't Know From Its Trailer


1. Uma Thurman isn't simply a harried mom trying to adjust to the multitude of demands on her schedule -- she's also a blogger with a site called "The Bjorn Identity." At some point, we've got to believe the marketing team is going to sell this puppy based on three shots alone: Thurman typing, butter sizzling in a pan, and, oddly, Julia Child cooking beef bourguignon.

2. Jodie Foster has an uncredited cameo as herself, for some reason.

3. For as formulaic as this appears, writer/director Katherine Dieckmann got her start directing videos for R.E.M., including "Stand" and "Shiny Happy People."

4. Also! She directed several episodes of The Adventures of Pete & Pete, plus the easygoing, underseen Paul Rudd comedy Diggers.

5. Still, the most important thing about this movie that isn't discernible from its trailer is why one would want to see it.

VERDICT: I think I already have a playdate scheduled that day. Sorry.


  • sixhundred says:

    yes, but what's your verdict??? you seem like a bona fide sludgesicle man.

  • Lowbrow says:

    I see that Uma finally managed to make good on that bet as to whether or not it was possible for her to star in a movie worse than My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

  • Mchael Pemulis says:

    hmm... If I had a uterus, I think I would have it removed before watching this movie.

  • metroville says:

    A love a movie that encourages millions of people to celebrate their "individuality"...in the exact same way.

  • sweetbiscuit says:

    ...and then blog about it.

  • alexarch says:

    Some trailer guru needs to come up with a better way to comically bleep an expletive than a hackneyed, post-pro screech. I'm done with record scratch/squealing tires; I need something better. I propose we go back to the slide whistle or clown horn.