Marilyn in Griffith Park

While digitizing their vast archives, LIFE magazine uncovered a stash of never-before-seen photos of Marilyn Monroe, taken by staff photographer Ed Clark in Griffith Park in August 1950. She was 24 at the time, wearing shorts and a "simple button-down shirt monogrammed with her initials." I love the one after the jump of her reclining on a bench in a halter top while reading a script. Was it All About Eve?


· MARILYN: Never-Published Photos [Life]


  • yarmulke says:

    Not to be too crass but I often wonder why bra's (and halters) back in the day made all breasts look like pointy cones.

  • NoWireHangers says:

    Such a question would never be considered crass in these parts.

  • moronhunter says:


  • dyrkness says:

    Simply put,Yarmulke, the ideals of male and female "beauty" change from decade to decade.50 years from now, people will be asking "What's the deal with so many piercings and tattoos? (Actually, I'm asking that now, so I must be a half century ahead of everyone,LOL).Also it's "bras",not 'bra's".

  • Joyce Tucker says:

    Absolutely gorgeous and more natural, that first photo of Marilyn.
    Unseen by me before in any magazine. Good for LIFE magazine!

  • Fernando says:

    You said "parts". 🙂

  • Charlie Boyer says:

    Have been a fan oh MM since the late 50's and seeing new pics takes me wayyyyyy back. lol She'd be quite a lot older now and who knows if her looks would last as long as my memory of her has.

  • Joshua says:

    Piercings and Tattoos have been around since the dawn of society in many cultures. 50 years from now people will still express themselves through body modification.

  • ......breathe in breathe out, breathe in breathe out.....

  • Crass says:

    If "bra's" is a contraction of "brassieres," perhaps it is just as acceptable as "bras" ?

  • Jean says:

    "Torpedo tits" were the in shape for breasts in the '50's.

  • PSD says:

    "Piercings and Tattoos have been around since the dawn of society in many cultures. 50 years from now people will still express themselves through body modification." Piercings and Tattoos originated in tribal cultures and were used as a way to mark a right of passage, or other life changing spiritual events. It is in fact VERY rare in tribal cultures that these things were done as "expressive" statements, THAT is almost exclusively a Western European idea. Even in non-tribal Asian cultures...tattoos were seen as a mark of "belonging" or commitment and then only by those in those who were outcast by society...such as Yakuza, who see it as a way to make their entrance into the "tribe".
    Tattoos and piercings in Western Society are just a way for people who otherwise feel alone, shunned, or somehow neglected to feel a part of a "tribe", a is a way for lost souls to feel connected to something, or for the needy to draw attention to me a girl covered in tats and I'll show you a girl that under the bluster and hype really has self esteem issues.
    Then again...maybe that 20yr old hottie at the bar really did have a life changing event that made her tattoo a bullseye right above her asscrack.

  • Poubelle says:

    That's how they were made back then. The rounder style didn't get popular until much later. Fashions change, isn't that common knowledge?

  • Wandering Menstrual says:

    Do people actually pretend to be interested in what you have to say? Being stuck in a corner next to you at a party is now my new worst nightmare (Sorry, "eaten alive by horny midgets", you've been dethroned)