Ow, Wipeout's Blue Balls


The new season of Mad Men starts Sunday, and we welcome it as a harbinger of the fall season. The TCA press tour certainly whetted our appetite for new dramas, comedies and even Wayne Brady, so try to make it through another month or so of reruns and savor the last of the summer filler. Wash all that down tonight with a glass of ABC's Wipeout.

Wipeout [9 PM, ABC]

The Blue Ball Run is just one of many sexual puns to be made tonight as the latest season of this low budget, high pain series winds down. Without looking it up, it is not a major stretch to think that ABC could sell the footage to another overseas network and have their own personalities stand in front of a green screen and make light of the tumbling, bumbling contestants. The language of crotch hits is universal.

Truth Be Told [9 PM, TLC]

Of all the somewhat benign but strange problems that require an intervention, hoarding definitely reads the best on camera. Piles of newspapers, cereal boxes, and unopened mail provide an excellent backdrop for a worried family to try to convince their loved one to start throwing things away. When it is useless junk, these people are called hoarders, but when they can't stop collecting Beanie Babies, they are called my mom.

Giuliana & Bill [9 PM, Style Network]

This reality show doesn't need to exist, but we just have to deal with knowing the continuing story of these minor celebrities. Tonight, after moving into their new Chicago home, Bill decided that he wants to sell it. Giuliana (and her faithful assistant) will respond predictably and half-complain about everything. At least some network is filming something in Chicago, some of the best background scenery in the country if you can deal with the weather.


A Night at the Roxbury [8 PM, TBS]

This film about two dumb losers who wag their heads back and forth probably won't make the Will Ferrell career highlights reel, but it will be the meat of Chris Kattan's. Given his annoying but dominant presence on Saturday Night Live, it's surprising that Kattan has not been given more television work by virtue of his recognizable face and ability to play big and broad. Kattan plays a small recurring part in ABC's new single camera comedy The Middle, but from watching the pilot he plays his standard nervous character. At least in Roxbury, he had to strain his range a little.


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