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Things are looking dire for Julie Taymor's $45 million Spider-Man musical: After producers ran out of money, placing the Broadway show on hiatus, the New York Post is reporting that actors (including Evan Rachel Wood and Alan Cumming) have been released from their contracts. Perhaps it's for the best, as Michael Riedel notes that the Bono-and-the-Edge-penned musical would have had to run for five years just to get in the black. Who knew Taymor might eventually pine for the comparatively easy days of working with Joe Roth? [NYP]


  • jimmy james monkey death says:

    Apparently, when women are dreamers or visionaries, they are difficult, stubborn bitches. But Kubric, Malick, and Harold Prince are, well, dreamers and visionaries. The article is largely blameless in this respect, but I've noticed a tendency to condescend to Taymor and her work in many articles.

  • Kyle Buchanan says:

    American women who direct are constantly condescended to in the media...but that's a whole other post!

  • The Kid says:

    The article didn't rip Taymor nearly as much as it ripped the producer.
    The whole idea sounded horrible to me and at $45 million up front and almost a million a week, was just a bad idea.
    I won't even get into how bad I imagine the music must be, if they are even on par with the last couple U2 albums.