It Has Come to This: Lego: The Movie


· No longer satisfied with their product's depiction via loud, oversexed YouTube videos, the folks at Lego will partner with Warner Bros. to develop a live-action/CGI hybrid adaptation of their enduringly popular toy. Screenwriting siblings Dan and Kevin Hageman will contribute the script -- perhaps a semi-autobiographical tale about the childhood battles that would erupt when Dan stomped into Kevin's room yelling "Arrrgh!! Giant!!!", soon wiping out his brother's complex, labor-intensive Lego village in a fit of carnage while Kevin cried and cried and cried and Dan was denied dinner that night. Developing... [THR]

David Mamet sits down with Anne Frank, Ed Helms embraces Intelligence and much more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· David Mamet will write and direct a new screen adaptation of The Diary of Anne Frank for Disney -- yes, that David Mamet, the Hebrew bard of bile who once called Frank his favorite Jew while admitting having no second favorite. As such, Jeremy Piven probably will not co-star. [Variety]

· Clearly bored with his responsibilities to The Office, his upcoming comedy shoot Cedar Rapids and the eventual Hangover sequel, Ed Helms has signed on to star in Central Intelligence. He will play an accountant accidentally embroiled in the world of international espionage after reconnecting with some old friends on Facebook; that will teach him to accept the site's gift of weapons-grade uranium from an anonymous giver. [Variety]


· Natalie Portman will co-produce the teen comedy Booksmart for Fox, about two never-been-kissed, straight-A girls who set a goal to have boyfriends by the time they finish high school. Even if it means resorting to a filthy hippie. [Variety]

· Frank Darabont's long-gestating Walking Dead has found a taker at AMC, which grabbed the zombie comic book adaptation as a series Darabont will write, produce and direct. [THR]

· Jack Huston will join the Twilight gang for its third film Eclipse, in which he'll play Royce King II, "a human who lived during the Great Depression." To wit: Take him out in the sunlight, and he's covered in dust. [THR]


  • snickers says:

    With Monopoly, View-Master, and now LEGO, summer 2010 is shaping up a winner! (AFOLs will be very pleased.)

  • Furious D says:

    1. If there is any realism, the main character will run out of legos before seeing their building dreams realized. Or was I too ambitious?
    2. I'm a little doubtful of the scene where Anne Frank's Dad says the one that keeps quiet the best wins a Cadillac, the second quietest a set of steak knives, and the third place will get turfed to the Nazis.
    3. I get people trying to kill me when I contact my relatives on Facebook, but we're a very dysfunctional family.
    4. Remember girls: Put out.
    5. If it doesn't work out, they're going to re-tool it to make it about a group of zombies working at an ad-agency and call it: Mad Dead.
    6. I have a brilliant idea for Hollywood. Twilight, done entirely in Lego.