Full, French-Dubbed Trailer For New Moon Features Ennui, Abs


When I worked at a video store in college, one of my favorite things to do was to put a really cheesy DVD on the big TV but turn on English subtitles and French dubbing. Like clockwork, shoppers would stop to stare, wondering what sophisticated foreign film they had just discovered, before the sudden, jarring presence of Mariah Carey would alert them that it was Glitter.

All this is to say that the new, full-length trailer for New Moon seems custom-made for me: this isn't the 14-second snippet, nor the actual English trailer, but instead a French-dubbed version somebody videotaped. Can the foreign language ameliorate the story's inherent cheesiness?

Nope, but it can make it weirder! Granted, this is a pretty weird trailer already: There's a striking lack of Robert Pattinson, and the whole thing seems to simply be Taylor Lautner's portion of the New Moon EPK (complete with his on-set interviews, for some reason). The final American version may be slightly tweaked from this one, but we'd guess to its detriment; the only thing that can help anchor those two dozen shots of shirtless boys is Kristen Stewart's malaise, finally translated into the perfect moody language.

VERDICT: Oui oui!



  • Delta says:

    Why does it only feature Lautner? The French love underage boys, clearly.

  • Kyle Buchanan says:

    Hey, in France, he's legal!

  • alexarch says:

    That's an awful lot of torso. Sophia Lamar would not be amused.

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