Buzz Break: Edward II

· The Playlist has photos from the upcoming Edward Norton/Edward Norton starrer Leaves of Grass, in which the actor plays twins -- one a responsible professor, one a pot grower. Marvel has immediately entered into negotiations with the latter.

· Joe Jonas is close to joining Garry Marshall's monstrous romantic omnibus Valentine's Day.

· Oh, do you love your HBO and your AMC? Well, Steven Soderbergh hates them.

· Just about everything in this St. Trinians clip is painful, so it hardly seems fair to single out Mischa Barton's wobbly accent, but, uh...I guess we just did. Sorry, Meesh.

· Paula Abdul left American Idol, says the NYT, because she felt the other judges didn't sufficiently rebut rumors that she showed up late and was out of it. Not helping matters: her tendency to show up late and out of it.


  • Furious D says:

    1. It's all part of Norton's plan to eventually make a movie where he is the only actor.
    2. When do I get a part in Valentine's Day? I mean everyone else is in it.
    3. Soderbergh should immediately pull all of his films from appearing on television. They'll come begging for his forgiveness without a ratings grabber like "Bubble."
    4. Wasn't she born there? How messed up can your acting get when you can't even do the accent you were born with?
    5. Now she's So You Think You Can Dance's problem. Let them sort it out.

  • LizzieLemonic says:

    YAY for Joe Jonas!