This is It, Says Judge: Michael Jackson Concert Film Cleared for October Release


· A judge on Monday approved the $60 million deal that would let Sony release This Is It, the film cobbled together from hundreds of hours of footage and backstage material from Michael Jackson's final concert rehearsals. It's currently set for an Oct. 30 opening. Under the terms of the contract, the Jackson estate would have final approval of the film's content and can block anything it perceives shows the singer in a "negative light." Like anything featuring a Propofol smoothie? That's probably a DVD extra, if anything. [THR]

A Hollywood landmark is on the market, a mini-Arrested Development reunion is planned, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Psst! Buddy! Wanna buy Grauman's Chinese Theater? Mann is said to have the landmark on the auction block, costumed sidewalk heroes sold separately. [THR]


· Will Arnett will reteam with Arrested Development kingpin Mitch Hurwitz and co-executive producer Jim Vallely for a series for Fox. Arnett will portray a wealthy Beverly Hills douchebag smitten with a "charitable tree-hugging woman who can't stand his lifestyle or values." The show has a script order but no title; suggestions are welcome below. [THR]

· Ironically, John Hughes's death might have been the best thing that ever happened to actor-turned-director Matt Austin-Sadowski. Don't You Forget About Me, his documentary about a road trip in search of the reclusive Hughes, sold its worldwide rights to Canadian distributor Alliance Films; an American deal my be forthcoming soon. [Variety]

· The impossible dream of a contemporary Hank Williams biopic may be nearing reality. The famously, crazily contentious Williams estate has finally (though tentatively) agreed to license the country legend's songs to a pair of producers; Universal is a front-runner to pick it up based on its first-look deal with screenwriter Marc Abraham. [Variety]


  • JudgeFudge says:

    Good luck Michael Jackson concert film - you're going up against the second weekend of both Saw 6 and that Amelia Earhart movie with Hillary swank. Ah He-He!

  • Furious D says:

    1. As a contest one of the people who pre-orders the DVD will win Michael Jackson's original nose.
    2. I'll only buy it if the sidewalk heroes are part of the deal.
    3. Here's a title: "12 Episodes Max"
    4. I smell a conspiracy!
    5. I suspect that this film will do better than the Michael Jackson flick.

  • jimmy james monkey death says:

    Next on Fox: "Where the fuck is my adderall, hippie bitch?"
    followed by: "I went to San Diego State, she went to Humboldt!"
    The California State university system is indeed a wonder.

  • Kallen says:

    If the new Will Arnett/Mitch Hurwitz/etc. project is anything as bad as Sit Down Shut Up, I'm out.

  • TimGunn says:

    Just call it La La Land and be done with it.

  • Soooooooookie says:

    No "True Blood" recap this week?