When Will Heath Ledger's Last Film Find a U.S. Distributor?


Don't be fooled by this fancy trailer and Lionsgate logo: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus still hasn't been set for a U.S. release date. It's been ages since the film's Cannes premiere and yet no studio has picked it up, though we've heard rumors that there may be some domestic release news soon. Until that day comes, Lionsgate's produced an international trailer for the film that leaves us scratching our heads.

It's not the quality of the film (which may be a mishmash) or the cut of the trailer that stymies us -- it's the reinforcement of all the movie's marketable qualities, which seem to belie its orphan status. Aside from the audience's inherent curiosity about Ledger's last film role, you've got Johnny Depp and a sea of expensive-looking (though resolutely artificial) special effects. A 30-second spot would practically sell itself, and as a period on Ledger's filmography, a healthy afterlife in rentals seems assured. So what's everyone waiting for?

VERDICT: We're curious. Are we the only ones?


  • Lowbrow says:

    That was certainly a quixotic trailer, and I agree this film is going to do well when released just based on Heath Ledger alone. I guess it must be fun watching Terry Gilliam squirm.

  • Ugarte says:

    Haha, we all know what happened the last time Terry Gilliam got quixotic. Just ask Johnny Depp.

  • Mondo Jay says:

    If this film does not get picked up by a North American distributor I will gladly take a trip to the UK to see it in a theatre.
    Stupid, stupid Hollywood...

  • Michael Pemulis says:

    Well, when it does make it to the U.S., I'll be there, simply for the reason that I never miss a Tom Waits movie. Why else would I have sat through Domino?