Moose-Stalking Babydaddy Usurps Anderson Cooper as Kathy Griffin's Straight Man of Choice


Anything remotely noteworthy about the Teen Choice Awards instantly fell to the wayside the moment Kathy Griffin stampeded the red carpet with Levi Johnston, star Left Wing of the Wasilla Mighty Platypuses and irrefutably fertile thorn in Sarah Palin's side, on her arm.

While some scoffed at the cynical and mutually beneficial publicity ploy, the pairing was actually an inspired bit of brand-integration, at once mobilizing their shared homosexual fanbases, while giving Levi -- blessed with an angelic matinee idol's face and resilient, moose-dresser's temperament, but no noteworthy talents to speak of -- his celebrity raison d'être: unflappable straight man. Watch as he breaks not once during Griffin's bit on Larry King Live about their torrid, March - December affair, holding his dreamy-eyed sportsman's gaze through lines like, "Stop looking at my rack and look at my face, please" with a stony, Dean Martinesque resilience, and even tossing in his own flavor ("I spend most of my days eating because I'm depressed when you're not around, Kathy") to the routine. Might we be glimpsing the face of the next Bravo reality superstar, with And Introducing Levi tracking his salmon-out-of-water attempts at breaking into the L.A. modeling and acting circuit? Count on it.


  • el smrtmnky says:

    nigel, please. andy cohen's been marking Levi for weeks. Levi's so gonna be Cohen's Andy Richter on his cable access show, Watch What Happens in a week.

  • jimmy james monkey death says:

    If I want to watch a unfunny straight guy with no personality on TV, I'll just watch the new Jay Leno show.

  • LickyDisco says:

    Well holy hell, young stud there held his own with her, didn't he? Favorite comment of his? "I'm not looking forward to spending time with that family anymore." A sentiment shared by nearly the entire nation I dare say.
    CNN biggies? You'd do yourself a favor by having her on more her times 10.

  • Lowbrow says:

    Larry King must have been too busy tweeting to do the interview himself.

  • daniel says:

    "Moose stalking baby daddy usurps Anderson Cooper as Kathy Griffin's Straight Man of choice", yeah