Fans of Pee-wee Herman in the L.A. area, take heart: "The Pee-wee Herman Show," a live floor show hearkening back to the beloved character's earliest days as a revue at The Groundlings Theater, will have a limited run at The Music Box. Miss Yvonne, Mailman Mike, Cowboy Curtis (gasp!) and Jambi the Genie will all be on hand, as well as Pee-wee's talking chair Chairry, Pterri the pterodactyl, robot Conky, Magic Screen, Randy, and "many more." (Reba the Mail Lady: Law & Whatever -- you better be there.) Buy your tickets now, and let's all hope a third Pee-wee feature -- Pee-wee's Big Bran Muffin? -- will spin itself out of all this revisited Pee-wee-mania. [idpr]


  • LickyDisco says:

    Aw, double damn doodies, I'd give a kidney to see that show. Hopefully he won't bring in a different Captain Carl - that would be tragedy, my friend!