In His Greatest Role, Keanu Reeves Interviews Gay Children About Teddy Bears


· "Bear-Jay! I've been looking all over for you. We gotta go down to the bears-only cafe and talk bearsness. Listen. You know that 'Bears Necessity' contest? We've got problems. So listen: We'll go down. We'll talk business. And hey. Everything will be OK."

· Paul Scheer has revealed the title of Lost's season six premiere: "LA X." Only a couple hundred days to go! Still, if you need something more to tide you over til then, enjoy these "ABC House" promos featuring Lost's Michael Emerson and Josh Holloway.

· Is Julie Taymor's Spider-Man musical (starring Evan Rachel Wood and Alan Cumming) in danger of being shut down?

· "I think the Academy should move [their ceremony] up to January 1st and pre-empt everybody else," says Meryl Streep. "That is the Big Kahuna, it's the one that counts. And I think it's just so bizarre that they allow themselves to be the caboose."

· Edward James Olmos has joined The Green Hornet. Don't tell Lou Lumenick -- Olmos is way too old for Seth Rogen.

· "Vanessa Hudgens! Girl you got to keep your clothes on!" "joked" Dane Cook at last night's Teen Choice Awards. In response, the audience booed him. Feels so right!