Television Critics Association Press Tour Wrap Up: The Moveable Feast Moves On

Forty-eight hours, two Silkwood showers and a jug of Livingston Cellars Chardonnay later, the aftertaste of the Television Critics Association press tour has still not left the old palate here at Movieline. While a few more items might trickle out over the next week, the critics are back home and the showrunners back on-set, both groups telling stories of the horrors of the past two weeks. Looking back over Movieline's scorecard, there really wasn't all that much to complain about at the summer TCA event. Get caught in the rundown after the jump.

In no particular order, everything we posted and observed:



Most bankable summer star on a panel: Zach Galifianakis promoting HBO's Bored to Death.

Number of times the phrase "I fell in love with this character" was used: +/- 65

Actor that worked the room the hardest: Robin Williams testing out his new act.

Celebrity chef that worked the room the hardest: Gordon Ramsay giving each critic a bowl of eggs to whisk while promoting his new Fox show Cookalong.

Funniest former SNL star: Chris Kattan, answering the single question directed at him during ABC's The Middle panel ("I read for all three of the children characters").

Unfunniest former SNL star: Chevy Chase on NBC's Community panel ("Coincidentally, if you go blind, you're doing it right." [...] "This is the best cast I've worked with since The Ox-Bow Incident").

Most politically incorrect answer: Paul Gross of ABC's Eastwick talking about his hair style ("I thought it looked retarded in the pilot").

Least present actor while actually being present: Harry Dean Stanton, promoting Syfy's Alice.


Biggest network exec slam: CBS's Nina Tassler responding to a Ben Silverman question with "I'm just a D-girl so I really wouldn't comment."

Biggest network exec slam runner-up: Kelsey Grammer sarcastically describing Les Moonves as "the selfless, ego-less man that he is" for initially passing on Medium before picking up similar program The Ghost Whisperer.

Strangest panel: NBCU's President of Primetime Entertainment Angela Bromstad evading Leno questions and accidentally eliciting Silverman-related laughter.

Classiest Heigl slam: ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson calling the Grey's Anatomy star's complaints unfortunate.

Most heartbreaking revelation: Fox Entertainment Chairman Peter Rice announcing that all Abdul negotiations have concluded and American Idol is officially searching for fourth judges.



Most Anticipated Returning Series: HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm

Most Anticipated New Series: ABC's Flash Forward

Least Anticipated New Series: ABC's Hank

Vampirey-est New Series: CW's Vampire Diaries

Most controversial (and only) award show panel: Emmys Executive Producer Don Mischer and ATAS President John Schaffer explaining their decision to slim down this year's show.

Late Night

Best Leno insult by an individual: Joan Rivers promoting How'd You Get So Rich? ("I think it's brilliant that they put [Jay] Leno on at 10 p.m. because America can get bored more easily and go to sleep earlier").

Best panel-long Leno insult by a group: FX Showrunners used their time on stage to bash NBC executives as "the bastards to hate" for putting Leno on at 10 PM and robbing writers of jobs.

Most anticipated late show revelations: The Jay Leno Show with its deskless interviews and "Green Car Challenge."

Least anticipated late show revelations: TBS's Lopez Tonight with its similarly deskless interviews and party vibe.


Behind the Scenes

Fastest exit from a panel: On CBS day, critics fleeing for the afternoon sundae bar.

Classiest critic: Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly, eschewing a laptop and the bounty of network-gifted flash drives for a notebook and pen.

Strangest critic question: When a critic passed along a question one of his readers had just tweeted ("Will Wayne Brady have to choke a bitch on the new show?") and the new Let's Make a Deal host struggled to explain the reference to creative consultant/original host Monty Hall.

Worst name pronunciation: The ABC representative introducing David Koechner as "David Kawtch-ner" for the Hank panel.

Biggest Geek Victory: Syfy's Battlestar Gallactica taking home the TCA award for Program of the Year.

Buffets: +/-45