Shmiron Man 2 Comic-Con Teaser Footage Leaked!


At Comic-Con, security was equipped with night-vision goggles that helped them crack down on anyone illegally taping the preview footage. Transgressors would then be plucked from their seats and sequestered in a special interrogation room, where, rumor had it, controversial nerdboarding techniques were employed. Still, that didn't stop all illicit pirating activity, as a certain hotly anticipated sequel's teaser footage -- let's just call it Shmiron Man 2, for keyword-search-evading purposes -- has leaked online. Apparently the film's director is aware of this, as he tweeted his appreciation for the feedback and promised to let his followers "know if/when official clean version goes up." All of this is likely to come down at any moment, but in the meantime, enjoy its varied, giant-donut pleasures.


  • Lowbrow says:

    I've heard of nerdboarding, it's a barbaric and inhumane procedure. The procedure is much the same as waterboarding, except that water is substituted for alternating waves of Mountain Dew Game Fuel Horde Red & Alliance Blue.