Breaking: Mystery Team Continues to Not Be Funny


Look, I don't mean to diminish the hard work of well-meaning people who appear to think they are funny and want to share their self-perceived gifts for comedy with the world, but seeing as Mystery Team has already premiered at Sundance -- where it was hailed by various film bloggers as "the most hilarious movie since Caddyshack. Actually, screw Caddyshack. If The 40-Year-Old Virgin lost its virginity to Ghostbusters, the uproarious product of that ungodly sexual union would be Mystery Team!!!" -- then one could be forgiven for believing the movie might end up being funny. I said as much after watching the very unfunny, sort of actively annoying, trailer. But that was a trailer, and trailers can be botched.

So now we have something more to go on: A companion short, screened at Mystery Team's highly successful (reportedly) Comic-Con panel, entitled The Case of the Haunted Hotel. According to C.H.U.D., it "fucking tore down Ballroom 20." According to Slashfilm, it "[combines] a genuine childlike worldview with some really awful adult experience, and it's a potent piece of comedy." According to me, it's not funny.

Is it funny to you? Is there something about spook jokes, blowing up used condoms, and a failure to emulate Will Ferrell-brand humor that I just can't appreciate, therefore keeping me locked out of the Mystery Team "LMFAO" Party? Because I like to laugh -- even at stupid stuff! I really do!

And if you'd counter that that's not constructive criticism, then I'd say you're right, and suggest taking out The Master of Disguise. He continues to be the least funny of the various not-funny elements at play here.