Celebrating a Teen's Right to Choose


Sorry you missed the goings on at this year's Teen Choice Awards and Alaskan Babydaddy Honors? Fret not -- they actually air on Fox tonight. And while Robert Pattinson winning might not be historically important (or surprising), at least it reflects the conscious choice of his fans to force him to find somewhere to put a surfboard engraved "Choice Male Hottie" in his house.

Teen Choice 2009 [8 PM, Fox]

Fortunately, these awards do not air live, or else we would have to deal with all kinds of wasted time from celebrities who have only had 2-3 intense years of media coaching. The taping went down last night with the Jonas Brothers hosting, so look forward to them continuing to lay the groundwork for their future serious efforts by attempting many different types of ironic humor. If you want to spoil the results for your Selena Gomez-loving cubicle-mate, check out the winners here.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 [9 PM, TLC]

Kate and the kids end their vacation and return to the Keystone State to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. That's a bit harsh, but it's time they change the name of this show or at least announce the Jon-centered spin-off. Hopefully, they pull something similar to what MTV did with The Hills and The City, with Jon getting a fashion internship and whole slew of society friends. What will Anna Wintour do when little Aaden throws up in her handbag?

Twilight Weekly: Spotlight [10 PM, Reelz]

This channel can be a big difficult to find, but they have some decent programming (especially reruns of The Critic and Carson's Comedy Classics), and at least they are honest about their mission of promoting films and film culture without too much attitude or edge. This new weekly program premiering tonight gives Twihards weekly updates on Edward, Bella and the other vampires.


Message in a Bottle [8 PM, AMC]

The Notebook might get more run with tweens, but this was the first Nicholas Sparks novel about lovers living along the coast longing for love that made it to the big screen. Most people have not seen this weepie starring Kevin Costner, Robin Wright Penn and the late Paul Newman, but it's not revealing too much to say that it explores the tragic side of love as much as the joyous. Enjoy the seaside views.


  • Lowbrow says:

    Kevin Costner can always be found near a large body of water due to his webbed appendages.

  • Long time reader, first time commenter says:

    I think the award called "Choice Fabbbbbbbbulousssssss" set gay culture back roughly 50 years. Who approved that and Miley's pole dancing?