That's Entertainment

The Hollywood cycle of life whirred vigorously this week, cruelly plucking legends from Earth and Idol alike. But new, baffling species and phenomena took their places as they always do. Relive the experience after the jump, and have a great weekend!

· John Hughes passed away suddenly and shockingly at the age of 59. Cue the Smiths.

· Paula Abdul's tweetbye to American Idol devastated the nation. But! There is hope, from our bold network-by-network comeback plan to new negotiation strategies and a handy sizzle reel for prospective employers. We assembled none of these things, meanwhile, for the freshly fired Ben Lyons.

· Steven Spielberg planned a new adaptation of the invisible-rabbit dramedy Harvey. We helped him out with a couple rounds of casting.

· Paul Giamatti, Edie Falco, Bruce Weber and Josh Hutcherson all stopped by for interviews, and John Hlavins contributed a new installment of the One-Page Screenplay.

· Thanks in part to Sienna Miller, a clever awards prognosticator and a few critics' inner children, Paramount's G.I. Joe culture war is on.

· The TCA Press Tour steamed ahead with zingers from Nancy Nina Tassler and Craig Ferguson, while the new Let's Make a Deal, slimmed-down Emmycast and plumped-up 90210 made the docket as well.

· Add an Ari Gold/WWE subplot to those three ways to enliven the seventh season of Entourage.

· The Lovely Bones trailer (and that trailer's trailer) joined The Open Road and Good Hair as subjects of our Two-Minute Verdict.

· We could only imagine how Julia Child might have complained about the gay controversies surrounding Gerard Butler and Sherlock Holmes.

· James Cameron denied Tom Arnold's promises of a True Lies sequel, which is probably just as well when he still has boatloads of terrifying Avatar action figures to sell first.

· Nora Ephron came to Ryan O'Neal's defense after he accidentally hit on his daughter Tatum. But nobody could really justify William Shatner wanting to make love to the mountain.