Food Fight!


Since Top Chef became the primary topic of conversation for every college-educated person in America (and before that Iron Chef) there have been more and more food competition shows. Tonight's premiere of Chefs vs. City on Food Network is the latest phase of that network's campaign to assimilate all local cuisine into their programming. Resistance is futile (but possibly delicious).

Chefs vs. City [10 PM, Food Network]

Food Network chefs Aarón Sánchez and Chris Cosentino travel to different cities to challenge two local foodies to find the city's most unexpected food venues and compete in various local food challenges. They start big tonight with New York, because apparently no one knows about the food options in that city (and it didn't require hiring a new crew).

Bob Saget: That Ain't Right [11 PM, Comedy Central]

Advancement theory may not apply to Bob Saget because he tends to fall on the overt side of the spectrum, but it would be amazing if he could reinvent himself as a comic. Now that he has fully embraced his inner blueness, it would be fun to see him do an entire routine of jokes about bad neighbors or the annoyance of parking tickets. This is an older Saget special, but just imagine he was doing bits about computerized customer service help lines.

Jimmy Kimmel Live [12:05 AM, ABC]

Guests: Quentin Tarantino, actress Rachel Nichols, comedian Doug Benson. It's only a matter of weeks until Inglourious Basterds becomes the most polarizing mainstream film of the year, so it's good to see Tarantino making the rounds early. Given that he has directed an episode of Kimmel's show, they seem to have a great relationship so it's doubtful that Kimmel will press him on the problematic nature of historically fictional descriptions of the Nazi treatment of Jews.


Runaway Bride [9 PM, TBS]

It's been over a decade since this film came out, and we are way overdue for another Julia Roberts-Richard Gere-Garry Marshall feel-good film that reminds us that love can conquer anything. Despite the incredibly predictable (and somewhat disappointing despite the inevitability) "twist" ending, these are still pretty people pretending to be funnier versions of themselves and most of the jokes still elicit at least a smile (especially Gere with neon-colored hair).


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    re: "Chefs vs. City"

    What's with the title? Was "Throwdown w/Bobby Flay" already taken?