Our Commenters of the Week Win a SuperPoke from Ben Stiller!


Ben Stiller's brave new foray into social networking is going so well that the writers of this week's five best comments will receive from Ben a SuperPoke, an invitation to join Mob Wars, a Tweet asking what hashtags do, and the enigmatic status update "Ben Stiller is." What a package! Who are our five winners?

JudgeFudge on Ben Lyons and Ben Mankiewicz Ushered Out From At the Movies: "Ben Lyons will return to his previous post as day manager of the GameStop at South Coast Plaza, and Mankewicz will return to being your sister's unemployed boyfriend that you kind of hate."

gwendemarco on Is There Any Actor Who Could Make Spielberg's Harvey Remake Interesting?: "This will only work for me if there's a 5150 at Cedars for Elwood."

sweetbiscuit on Catherine Deneuve Booed Off Italian Stage For Speaking French: "Lord, can you imagine what would have happened if that had taken place in the States? A stage littered with 'freedom fries' and Obama woefully inviting Deneuve over for a beer."

The Robotard 8000 on The One-Page Screenplay: John Hlavin's Revelations: "Will the proliferation of silent H's in screenwriters' names ever stop?"

it came from the tar pits on Ryan O'Neal Fails To Recognize Paper Moon Co-Star/Daughter At Funeral: "This is so depressing it makes me want to move back to the midwest. At least when fathers hit on daughters there, it's intentional."

Congratulations to our winners!