True Blood's Evan Rachel Wood: Vampire Lesbian Queen, Fabulous Sunglass Wearer


· Here's your first glimpse at Evan Rachel Wood's lesbian vampire Queen Sophie-Ann, whom you first heard about right here. Beware, as when she's done with you, she'll feed on your sunglasses next! [via EW]

· Scott Evans, Chris Evans' openly gay brother and a star of One Life to Live, had his first gay kiss today on the show. His partner missed his mouth, but this was some of the most passionate man-to-man nostril biting we've ever seen. (It's in the last 20 seconds.)

· Kevin Reilly on when he heard the Ben Silverman announcement: "When? The official announcement? Or the 6-month pre-announcement?"

· From Esquire's September cover story on Sam Worthington: "'I'll do whatever you need me to do to sell your fucking movie,' he told [James] Cameron. 'I'll call my first kid fucking 'Avatar' if you want me to, if that helps you sell it.'" Fucking Avatar Salvation Worthington, you leave your sister Clash alone!

· RT @elliottholt: "Ben Stein is fired by the NYT the same day that 'Ferris Bueller' director John Hughes dies. Anyone find that a strange coincidence? Anyone?"

· The Hot Blog's Dave Poland on John Hughes: "My first instinct, as we discussed MCN headlines for this story, was in the National Lampoon tradition that Hughes came out of, to come up with as many bad puns based on his movies to describe his passing as possible. Tomb Alone, Some Kind of Dead, Carrion Opportunities, etc."


  • If Brett Claywell (the non-Evans brother actor) had had a stepping stool handy, the kiss would have been a lot less lip and nostril-biting and a lot more tongue. But it was supposed to be awkward, and hopefully today we'll get more and better kissing. And, yes, I watch OLTL; what's it to you, bub?

  • Strepsi says:

    @BOURGEOIS NERD: in gay love, one thing we try not to have handy is stool.