The One-Page Screenplay: John Hlavin's Revelations


After a short hiatus, we're extremely pleased to announce the return of Movieline's One-Page Screenplay. Did you miss it? Of course you did. In today's auteur-centric cinematic environment -- where films regularly run into a third, completely unnecessary hour -- isn't it something of a relief to find a lean, satisfying story you can enjoy in under a minute, leaving you a bonus of 149 to use as you see fit? Say, getting drunk?

Today's One-Pager comes from John Hlavin, a veteran on FX's The Shield who recently sold his first feature script to Warner Bros: The Gunslinger, a revenge-driven action picture about an ex-Texas Ranger hunting for the men who killed his brother. Today, John tries his hand at something a little lighter, with a Rapturous romcom called Revelations.

The Official Bio:

John Hlavin has worked in television for five years, most notably on THE SHIELD. He recently sold his first feature, THE GUNSLINGER to Warner Bros.

The One-Page Screenplay:


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