Paula Abdul, Bluffer?


Even though the planet's foremost American Idol expert is saying Paula Abdul's tweet heard around the world was legit, the skeptics are storming the gates. Among them: Kim Masters, who argues for the negotiation-ploy theory, adding that Paula isn't quite crazy enough to walk away from eight figures per year. "Paula: kabuki?" she e-mailed one agent, who replied, "Yeah, just stupid." Either way, keep hope alive for her Kimmel-sidekick renaissance. [The Daily Beast]


  • Joanne M Candreva says:

    I'm a fan of American Idol from day one. I love, love Paula and feel she makes the show the success that it's been. I, like many other fans feel she is worth every dime Ryan is getting....she complets the once trio ... that's why your rating droped last year by adding #4.
    What is wrong with you people? Listen to your viewers!!! We love Paula and want her to stay ... give it up, admit you made a mistake by not recognizing her worth. Without Paula your ratings will drop even more and so will "You Think You Can Dance" which I'm also a huge fan of...this season was the best by the way. You guys are all in this together and my dedication as a fan is to Paula. I will not watch either show and neither will my friends, so it goes.
    Joanne M Candreva, New York