It seems like just yesterday Discovery Channel was rolling out the Shark Week sizzle reel, but now it's already Thursday and the best week of the year for lovers of shark stock footage is almost over. Earlier in the week, Discovery scared the heck out of New Jersey beachgoers with Blood in the Water. Tonight, they bring the fearmongering to the left coast.

Jaws of the Pacific [10 PM, Discovery Channel]

The content of this program overlaps with many of the other encyclopedic shark specials that Discovery runs throughout the year, but at least you will know what is trying to munch on you then next time you're in Santa Cruz. Hammerhead, Tiger, Great White, Bull and a few other Pacific sharks get some face time.

Big Brother 11 [8 PM, CBS]

It is time for another eviction tonight, and after Michele opted not to use the Power of Veto on Tuesday night the vote could be close. Also, we find out which guest receives the Mystery Power (the "Coup d'Etat") and that could change just about everything this week. Ronnie deserves the house's ire more, but it seems like it will be Lydia this week unless she gives out a lot of massages.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta [10 PM, Bravo]

There really should have been a TRHoA panel at yesterday's NBC-Universal day at the TCA, as there is nothing better than seeing reality celebrities have to answer press questions. Tonight, NeNe tries to mend her relationship with Kim and Lisa and Ed go for their first fertility visit. Journalist: "So, what should we expect for the new season?" NeNe: "I don't know. Is this over yet?"


Jumanji [8 PM, AMC]

The dangerous animals in Jumanji are more of the jungle or Robin Williams variety, but take a look at Bonnie Hunt's performance as Sarah, the woman who gets the game in motion. While she is known more for her frowning mom work (Beethoven, Cheaper by the Dozen), this role allowed Bonnie to be more active and weird than usual. Jerry Maguire might be her most widely-seen performance, but this could have been the best work of the Bonnie Hunt golden age (approximately 1992-1999).