Circle Of Hughesian Life Goes Round on Celebrity Website


Okay, We're sure you've been negotiating for weeks now to get these exclusive snapshots of Molly Ringwald with her adorable newborn twins. But couldn't someone over at the celebrity news sausage factory have slowed down the machinery long enough to throw in a passing acknowledgment of that story right beneath?

Nothing too ambitious -- you don't need to doll her up in her Pretty in Pink dress and have her stand atop a mountain holding one of her babies to the sky in a stirring reenactment of "The Circle of Life" sequence from The Lion King. But, you know -- just a word or two about the man who made her a movie star and gave her the best roles of her career, about a quarter-century ago. [People]


  • Furious D says:

    about a quarter-century ago.
    There's the rub, as Hamlet would say.
    The website editor was probably born in that quarter century, and probably didn't make the connection.

  • Lowbrow says:

    It looks as though Molly Ringwald has taken part in some type of black magic ritual & fused with Claire Danes.