Buzz Break: Lack of Affleck


· Here's the poster for Mike Judge's Extract, which notably leaves comic sidekick Ben Affleck off the key art. Don't want to turn off those J.K. Simmons fans, I suppose.

· Can't get enough of Seth Rogen in cancer comedies? He's got another on the docket.

· Former male supermodel Travis Fimmel has been cast in The Experiment, where he will homoerotically torture actors like Adrien Brody, we're guessing.

· Tactful Nigel Lythgoe explained that when Kara DioGuardi joined American Idol as a fourth judge, "it brought in a stepsister."

· "Jennifer Aniston Wins a Parenting Award," the editors at Us have announced, barely able to restrain themselves from snickering and adding "Psyche!"


  • Furious D says:

    1. Don't knock JK, he's THE MAN!
    2. Maybe Tumor Humor would be a more appropriate title for this sub-genre?
    3. I got nothing for this one.
    4. If she was a wicked stepsister I might actually watch that show.
    5. Sometimes not parenting is as vital a contribution to society as parenting.

  • snickers says:

    Affleck would be Vern Schillinger's prag.