Ben Stiller Would Really Love a Role In That David Fincher Facebook Movie


Now that his behind-the-scenes Red Hour video has become an unlikely, unintended viral smash, Ben Stiller wants to get in on this lucrative thing we call "online"! The first step: Open a Twitter. Done. Next step, maintain a Facebook fan page? OK, well, done. Third step: Record all of this. Why?

We can only hazard a guess, as Stiller isn't promoting any new projects we can discern. Maybe, now that he's trying to gather some of that indie cred that Mark Duplass told us about, Stiller's tired of hanging out with the Olds and is ready to cultivate a young audience to sell his upcoming, mumblecore-ish Greenberg to. Or, more likely, maybe the sketch comedy alum simply wants to get back to his roots and has found the perfect venue for short-form humor.

Enjoy this brave new world, Ben! It won't be long before you learn what Lost character you are, and also, what dicks everyone is on Twitter.


  • sweetbiscuit says:

    Seriously, Ben, what's with the perm? All that money, you think you could do better than that.

  • FrancoisTrueFaux says:

    When will Zuckerberg make a rule that people with gray hair cannot have Facebook accounts? It's getting really awkward ignoring 3, 4, 5+ friend requests from my mom. . .