We're Drawing Closer to a Will Smith/Zoe Saldana Harvey


Variety announced today that Tom Hanks has decided not to star in Steven Spielberg's remake of Harvey, avoiding exactly the kind of unwinnable and unimaginative comparisons to Jimmy Stewart that we warned him against. So what's next for the project? We can guess!

At this point, it seems utterly inevitable that Spielberg will tap Will Smith to star -- after all, the actor was in the mix when the project was first announced, and his shooting schedule is completely clear in 2010. Without pressing sequel commitments and with most of his star vehicles still in development (including a Spielberg-helmed redo of Oldboy), Smith would appear to have this one sewn up.

And while we're making predictions, here's another: If Smith gets the nod, expect Zoe Saldana to be cast as his skeptical sister. She's worked with Spielberg before on The Terminal, she'll be coming off a stellar 2009, and she's got no projects set with a definite date next year (since the Star Trek sequel is still in the planning stages).

I'm still willing to be surprised, but methinks you don't remake Harvey if you're intent on throwing audiences for a loop.

· No Harvey for Hanks [Variety]


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