Is G.I. Joe an Awards Contender?


Yes, suggests Tom O'Neil (who else?): "[T]ry as it might, G.I. Joe will not be able to fly under the radar of the Razzie Awards. [...] With a cast of characters based on plastic dolls and a budget topping $175 million, G.I. Joe is just the type of movie to land in the cross hairs of the Razzie Awards." Hmph! I know a few critics' inner children who would beg to differ. [Gold Derby]


  • The Winchester says:

    Come Razzie time, it'll still be no match for the Juggernaut of Transformers: Revenge of the Shitty Robots who look like the other robots, only these are indistinguishable and slightly racist.
    However, it will be an honor just to be nominated...