Why Yes, That is Jeremy Piven Making a Flying Leap During WWE Raw


Jeremy Piven is a very famous man for both his role on Entourage and his classic, Broadway-ditching invention of the "sushi excuse." However, both of these things might be foreign to the audiences Paramount is pitching his new film The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard to. How to reach those red staters that don't watch Piven every Sunday on the Hibbo? Simple: book an appearance on WWE Raw!

Last night, Piven hosted the primetime wrestling programme alongside his costar Ken Jeong, and the actor (pointedly not nominated for an Emmy this year) was completely and utterly game. According to Vulture, he even tangled with "The Miz," who was formerly on The Real World and now wrestles. One renaissance man versus another!

Here is a clip of Piven making his flying leap and Jeong...doing something. He yells. Bonus points if you have any idea at all what is happening.

· Jeremy Piven's WWE Wrestling Career Begins With a Flying Leap Off of the Top Rope [Vulture]


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