Michael Moore All But Begs Wall Street to Sue Him For New Movie


Closing out this year's Traverse City Film Festival, founder Michael Moore dropped in to introduce his annual screening of "Mike's Surprise" -- a previously unannounced title that this year's festgoers were hoping might be a sneak preview of his new financial-collapse expose Capitalism: A Love Story. Alas, Moore told the crowd, the documentary isn't quite finished. And even if it were, the lawyers aren't ready to let it out of their briefcases.

"I'm not going to show you my new film," Moore told the deflated throngs in attendance at the State Theater, who wound up watching Moore's pre-Roger and Me neo-Nazi saga Blood in the Face instead. Capitalism still required work before heading off to its Venice Film Festival premiere, he said. And anyway, as he liked to brag before Sicko inoffensively found its way to the mainstream, he could show you but he'd have to kill you:

"Certain things in this film must not be seen by the large banks and Wall Street before the movie comes out. The invention of YouTube and blogs make it way too risky to show these things [now] that I'm going to reveal in eight weeks."

Sorry, Mike! We've already exposed the worst of it, and you might have just wasted the most enthusiastic crowd you'll have for this one. Tough break.

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