You've Got Crazy White Bitch Mail!


· I think GERTY, the computer from Moon, is up against some stiff competition for Best Performance by a Smiley Face in a Motion Picture, Drama category at this year's Emoticony Awards. [via Videogum]

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· Anne Thompson has completed her migration from Variety to indieWIRE. I've been fumbling for just the right words of encouragement on her new venture, and then it suddenly dawned on me that I could do no better than to quote the very ones she used to welcome us to the fray: "How many of these sites do we need? Which ones do we have to read? Will we stick with our confirmed habits (MCN, LAT, NYT, Vulture, Variety, Hollywood Wiretap, Hollywood Elsewhere) or add new ones (The Wrap, The Daily Beast)? Something's got to give."

· Steven Spielberg has been named the recipient of Philadelphia's 2009 Liberty Medal "for his artistic and humanitarian achievements," which comes with a $100,000 cash prize, or as its known around the Spielberg household, "valet tipping money."

· Speaking of humanitarianism in the Philly area, Tyler Perry surprised a group of inner city day-campers who were refused access to a Philadelphia swimming pool by flying all 65 of them to Walt Disney World. Anyone smell a Madea Goes to Epcot in the foreseeable future?

· Sad news: Screenwriting guru and Save The Cat! author Blake Snyder passed away this morning from a heart attack. The announcement is on his blog today, right above his last entry, made yesterday evening. Shocking and sad. He will be missed.


  • it came from the tar pits says:

    Terrible news about Snyder.

  • Lowbrow says:

    You have to admire the perserverance of the Obsessed emoticon; to pull off a convincing smile while suffering with such a bad case of blue ball.