My Favorite Scene: Edie Falco Edition!


Last night at the Huntington Library in Pasadena, television talent and executives from Showtime, CBS and CW circulated to promote their programs at the latest buffet-fueled TCA event. Amidst the botanical gardens, disillusioned waiters and network emblazoned pastries, we found Edie Falco, who graciously agreed to play My Favorite Scene with Movieline.

The Nurse Jackie star was quick to pinpoint her favorite movie moment: "There was a scene in The Bridges of Madison County where Meryl Streep gets a phone call from Clint Eastwood where she didn't know if he was going to call and he does call and she's trying to act cool. Everyone in the audience can see that she's beyond excited about this phone call. There are so many Meryl scenes to choose from but this is some of the most spectacular acting I've ever seen."

"And we want her to do Nurse Jackie," cut in the show's executive producer, Linda Wallem.

"Yeah," responded Falco, "I'm sure she's dying to do TV." ♦


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