Buzz Break: Cleaning Up America


· Is this a preview of Ugly Betty's much-anticipated hottening?

· Leave it to Joan Rivers to pull out a shiv when the AP talked to her about the lack of female late-night hosts: "There's one girl, Chelsea Handler, but she's not funny."

· Scandal! NYC Prep's breakout maybe-gay PC Peterson is maybe middle-class.

· "If I'm the emblem for 'this is what it looks like to be the lonely girl getting on with her life,' so be it," says Jennifer Anison in the new issue of Elle. Oh my God, still with this? Jen, go rob a bank. Give people something new.

· At the CW's press tour for Vampire Diaries, THR's James Hibberd articulated something we've all wondered about: Aren't these schoolgirl-seducing vamps a little bit statutory-rapey?


  • JudgeFudge says:

    Sort of Boneable Betty?

  • Old No.7 says:

    Beer-Goggle Betty.

  • BobInLA says:

    I come to respect Joan Rivers more and more each day. I can only hope that when I'm that old, senile and have had my face stretched back that much (and I do plan to hit all three of those milestones), I'll be able to finally stop giving a sh*t and tell the truth about things in life that deserved to be called out, such as the fact that Chelsea Handler is not funny.
    Please do not take away my gay card. I can't go back to pretending I'm interested in sex with women.

  • Furious D says:

    1. Will they be changing the title?
    2. Hollywood is easily blinded when an attractive woman tells jokes. It really doesn't matter if the jokes are any good, she instantly becomes a comic genius.
    3. For the love of Xenu! Not middle class! Anything but that! He must be scorned for his lack of the trendy style of wealth, or the fashionable street cred of poverty! CAST HIM OUT!
    4. Here's my message to the magazine buyers of the world. If Jennifer Aniston is on the cover, and whining about her wasteland of a love life DO NOT BUY THE MAGAZINE. In fact write the publisher, and threaten to boycott all their publications until they stop giving this woman a place to whine. Repeat with Entertainment Tonight, etc... and maybe she'll get the hint, stop winging, and get on with her life, by buying a lot of cats.
    5. I'm waiting for Dateline's To Catch A Vampire special with Chris Hansen wielding a stake.

  • BobInLA says:

    2. See: Jenny McCarthy

  • Lowbrow says:

    Chelsea Handler is much more akin to a scab than to a comedienne.

  • LickyDisco says:

    Re: Jennifer Aniston - "...go rob a bank. Give people something new." Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, KYLE! I am absolutely sick to death of her and the whole "Look at me, approve of me, love me" routine that she hands to every magazine with a staple in it. It's as old as she is.