Busy Ringleader Hugh Jackman to Run the Greatest Show on Earth


· Hugh Jackman has attached himself to The Greatest Showman on Earth, a musical biopic about the life of P.T. Barnum. Jackman's Academy Awards producer Laurence Mark will rejoin him here, as will awardscast writer Jenny Bicks. The project should not be confused with Columbia's planned Barnum film Showman, though it will likely represent the midway point in Jackman's unofficial "Man Trilogy," between his previously announced comedy Avon Man and his rumored, much-anticipated remake of C. Thomas Howell's blackface classic Soul Man. [Variety]

Steve Zahn raises a Wimpy Kid, Carla Gugino and Zack Snyder reunite, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Be honest: You can't wait for barnyard raconteur Steve Zahn's next trip to The Tonight Show to promote Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Fox 2000's adaptation of the bestselling young adult novels set to feature Zahn as the title character's father. Hopefully he'll toughen the boy up by assigning him to sheep duty on summer vacation. [Variety]

· Carla Gugino will reteam with her Watchmen director Zack Snyder in Sucker Punch, in which she'll play an "adult figure" at the mental institution where a teenage resident's friends race to free her before she's lobotomized. I can't believe I just wrote that. [THR]


· I haven't had much occasion or need to check out photos of Renny Harlin since about, say, 1992, but I've got to admit: He cleans up all right! Oh, and he's attached to direct an untitled indie drama about last year's five-day clash between Russia and Georgia. [BFDealMemo]

· ABC is reportedly excited enough about Alyssa Milano's performance in the sitcom pilot Challenged -- about "a thirtysomething man who is torn between his new girlfriend and needy best friend" -- that it plans a 13-episode order for a midseason debut. [THR]


  • Furious D says:

    1. The third film will be called "Jackman" about an actor who is constantly bombarded with gay jokes because he likes doing musicals.
    2. Screw the farm, send that kid to the Marines to toughen him up.
    3. The twist ending is that her friends free her, but realize that the lobotomy was to eliminate her cannibal tendencies.
    4. I heard that Harlin's hair was taken away and used to make weaves for war orphans.
    5. I can predict how every episode will go. Act 1: Needy friend gets male lead in trouble. Act 2: Girlfriend threatens to dump male lead if he doesn't fix it. Act 3: Male leads manages to fix the problem, despite his own stupidity, and everything goes right back to the beginning.

  • Terry says:

    The assumtion that man who is doing musical must be gay is incredibly stupid. Really. It´s called multi-talented. There are thousands of men doing musicals. Are they all gay? I don´t think so.

  • Pamela Strangeways says:

    Am I the only one who saw his appearance on Laughlin? Corn. Pure creamed corn.