What's On: Supersize Me


Summer is the time for dating shows, and if we have to cringe through one about desperate plus-size people who are convinced that this humiliating reality show is their last chance at true happiness, so be it. What's the alternative -- leave the house and socialize with good friends? Exactly. Now hunker down: It's time to get your lonely fat on.

More to Love [9 PM, Fox]

After a moonlit yacht cruise, a Malibu pool party and a Las Vegas one-on-one date help Luke narrow down his choices, three women are eliminated in tonight's episode. The emphasis on love for most of the women could result in a lot of crying and maybe a tender moment. But this is Fox, so that should immediately be followed by a vicious cat fight.

Ruby & the Rockits [8:30 PM, ABC Family]

Unless you are a tween or have children, watching this show might seem like torture -- but there is a weird layer that might help get you through it: Incest jokes. Yes, incest jokes. It's not Deliverance or anything, but a lot of the humor comes from inappropriate cousin attraction. On an unrelated note, tonight's episode (entitled: "Do You Want to Blow a Secret") finds Ruby (Alexa Vega) deciding whether or not to take Uncle Patrick's (Patrick Cassidy) new car, which she has been strictly forbidden to drive.

Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood [10 PM, Oxygen]

Spoiler alert: It's all over the news that the "Will Candi Spelling roll up to the birthday party?" is a clever editing trick and she doesn't actually show up, but there should be some sweet moments from "Guncles" Scout and Bill, and various moments of party planning drama. The family also says goodbye to Patsy. Dean attempts to offset the sadness with a gift of his own.


Dances With Wolves [8 PM, AMC]

After hearing that he was OK, we felt it necessary to give Kevin Costner a little run for his best film (3000 Miles to Graceland is a close second). Unlike some of his other sprawling epics, this film never meanders into boring areas and still delivers an emotional little punch at the end. Sure, Civil War Native American relations dramas are sort of a niche genre, but at least Costner made the best one ever.


  • Old No.7 says:

    Tonight's episode title of More to Love: "Sportin' a Chubby".
    Future episodes:
    "Does This Forklift Make Me Look Fat?"
    "This Town Isn't Big Enough For The Both of Us"
    "King Biscuit Flour Hour" (Oh yeah, I went there)

  • Lowbrow says:

    I applaud the producers of More to Love for their resourcefulness in securing a Rockabilly Fattie contestant, for they are a notoriously rare breed.

  • el smrtmnky says:

    what about 'PSI'?

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