Avatar Na'vi Action Figures: Collect Them All!


In anticipation of August 21st's Avatar Day, when all schools, banks and government buildings will shut down so that families can spend some quality time together painting each other blue and standing in long lines at IMAX-branded theaters to glimpse 15 minutes of James Cameron's 3-D masterwork, we thought we'd bring you as much Avatar-related material as we could scrounge up on the Web.

· For starters, via CHUD, here is an action-figure of Sam Worthington's Avatar character. No, Worthington doesn't play a freakish cross between Nightcrawler and a Michael Jackson impersonator, nor is he the newest member of the Chasidic Blue Man Group. Rather, he's paralyzed Marine Jake Sully, whose essence is artificially implanted into the body of a Na'vi -- a race of fierce peoples inhabiting the lush planet Pandora -- where he fights off fearsome mythical beasts and falls in love with Zoe Saldana's character, Neytiri.


Does this guy look game-changing or what?!


· Also, the Avatar poster has been released. I nerded out for your sins, mirroring it in Photoshop so you could glimpse deep into the emerald eyes of Neytiri. There is danger in her gaze, yet she is exotically alluring, no?


· And finally, I couldn't help but notice that the font Cameron settled upon is awfully close to the one used by that other Avatar -- you know, the animated series on Nickelodeon that M. Night Shyamalan has turned into a live-action film, but was forced to sacrifice its title after Fox threw a stink.


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