· Who is responsible for the Obama as Joker posters showing up around L.A., Matt Drudge wants to know! Here's a theory: Some bored "guerrilla artist" who wants to be noticed?

· Local dialect coaches rejoice! Flavor-of-the-Month Sam Worthington is filling the role vacated by Tom Cruise in The Tourist, playing the part of an American abroad used by an Interpol agent (Charlize Theron) to track down a criminal.

· If the very fate of the karaoke-appraising universe was not at stake, we'd almost find Fox's continued tormenting of Paula Abdul by officially announcing Kara DioGuardi's return to American Idol today kind of amusing.

· The Internet is ablaze with news that Sesame Street will be parodying Mad Men this season, with a producer hinting only to "think about the title 'Mad Men' and think about the emotional curriculum that might be linked to that." The best we can make out is that the show will introduce children to the smooth, tasty joys of filterless smoking.


  • Furious D says:

    1. I think it would be more accurate if, like the Dark Knight ads, it asked: "Why so socialist?"
    2. Because we all know Interpol loves using American tourists to catch crooks. It saves them money.
    3. Fox keeps dragging all this out, and they still can't get Paula to say anything really negative about them.
    4. They better not let Ernie near the martinis, he's a bastard when he's drunk.

  • bess marvin, girl detective says:

    Why so socialist?
    sorry, it had to be done.