Manager: Russell Crowe, Kids Not Banished From Favorite Pub/Playground


Russell Crowe's manager is denying a British tabloid report that the actor was banned from a pub in Surrey, near the location where Crowe is currently shooting Robin Hood. After all, why would Crowe want to cause trouble at the bar where he spends so much quality time with his 3- and 5-year-old?

The trouble started when Crowe reportedly got carried away in a "spirited argument over licensing laws" at The Brickmakers pub and restaurant in Windlesham. One witness told the Daily Express (which, a day earlier, had published a sprawling profile praising Crowe's good behavior) that Crowe offered extra money to hang around and continue drinking past business hours; turned away, he then made a scene of exiting, including one shattered plate. An unnamed staffer explained: "I'm not exactly sure what he's supposed to have done, but there was apparently trouble and he's been asked not to return."

Rubbish, says manager Grant Vandenberg, who hastened to clarify that not only has Crowe not been banned from The Brickmakers, but makes his recurring visits family affairs. "He has been there four or five times with his kids," Vandenberg told the AP. "There is a playground in the back."

Fantastic story, except a browse through the Brickmakers online gallery reveals only a garden full of picnic tables that don't look like a whole lot of fun unless they're holding up no fewer than a dozen or so beers at a time. It doesn't look like there's a whole lot for young kids to do there, unless wondering what they were doing there is doing something. Or if Crowe let them frolic with their Transformers alongside the big cars in the parking lot. Somehow I doubt it.

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