Good Hair: Chris Rock's Harrowing Investigation Into Raven-Symone's Weave


One day, Chris Rock's daughter asked him the provocative question, "Daddy, why don't I have good hair?" Somehow, this has led to a documentary where Raven-Symone adjusts her two-piece weave on camera. Let's connect the dots!

Rock's documentary, Good Hair, sheds light on the booming industry that helps black women relax, replace, and sculpt their hair. All the important questions are asked, such as "Is this cultural homogeneity a healthy thing?" and "Hey, what is weave sex like?"

The doc premiered at Sundance and will be out in theaters October 9, but until then, HBO Films has put together a fun, snappy trailer. Chris, you had us at the Prince joke -- throwing in Raven's hair show (that heifer!) is just a shiny, bonus barrette.



  • sixhundred says:

    that's so... mindy kaling?!

  • Reason says:

    I was with him until he was giving the (Vietnamese?) wig store owner a hard time for not buying a bag of human hair. (What is this, a lost scene from Borat?)
    The guy's English is not great; he's probably just trying to make a living, and is basically telling Rock what sells. Is he perpetuating some self-hating behavior and an oppressive industry? Maybe a little bit. But it's obvious that he didn't make the rules of the game -- he's just trying to survive the game himself.

  • Lowbrow says:

    Those involved in the 'weave' industry should track down Robin Williams. He has enough hair to spare for every head in Harlem.

  • NoWireHangers says:

    I can't wait to see this!

  • Ashton says:

    Yeah it was a bit much... but the point he was trying to make was like you said, the store owner is helping self hatred flourish by only selling european and indian hair. most black women are born with curls or very tight curls. So you would think he would sale hair accordingly. Yea, he's gotta live too, but wrong is wrong rather you mean to do it or not.

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