Craig Ferguson: Cussin' Puppets, Monologues and Betty White


Craig Ferguson weasled his way into the cold, barren hearts of television critics by sending free pizza to the TCA hotel Saturday night with the jovial note: "I wanted to send you fish and chips -- but that comes wrapped in newspaper -- and you can't find that stuff anymore so enjoy this pizza instead." The food foreplay worked well, warming up the otherwise joyless group for the most intimate panel thus far at the TCA press tour.

Packed into a small press room, Craig Ferguson spoke frankly about being weary of ratings since "Jay Leno was s---canned from NBC" even though he had "the highest numbers." His only chance at surviving the brutal late night pack is to distance himself by "deconstructing" the [late show] format, with the help of "those cussin' puppets" and lengthy, rambling, metaphysical monologues.

In response to a question about the preparation that goes into his cold opens, Ferguson said:

"I don't write it down, I swear I don't [...] Those particular little nugget[s] of fury [are] just there in the moment. I think what just happens, one of the luxuries of doing a television show every night is having an outlet where you can just broadcast your thoughts."

Ferguson continued charming his fans the critics with jokes about his upcoming autobiography ("I'm looking forward to reading it") and dozing off during his interview with James Spader ("He went on fifteen fucking minutes!) Then the Late Late Show host boarded the Betty White fanwagon, declaring her his favorite guest, and promptly vanished in a cloud of white smoke as the critics were directed towards their next feeding.


  • Old No.7 says:

    His show is only one Happy Kyne and the Mirth-Makers away from sublime perfection.

  • Miles says:

    I love his show. Just caught it for the first time in donkey's years while on the road and his monologue had me spit-taking my precious late night vodka martini all over my hotel bed. I think I'll tivo him.

  • Lowbrow says:

    "Cocaine- it's a hell of a drug!"

  • Shirley says:

    Craig Ferguson really is an incredible entertainer on late night television. I have tried late night talk shows and I don't care for them. His show I will stay up to watch because it is entertainment and he can make almost any guest watchable and amusing. He does get on a tear regularly and it is obvious that it is random thoughts that tipsytraip through his mind. A thought seizes control of him and he has to shake it like a rag doll in a dog's teeth to set it free so there is room for the next brainflash. Amusing and frequently thought provoking. Underpaid.