CBS's Nina Tassler on Ben Silverman: 'I'm Just a D-Girl So I Really Wouldn't Comment'


After gorging themselves on a complimentary breakfast buffet, television critics herded into the Langham Huntington Hotel Ballroom for CBS Day at the TCA Press Tour. President of CBS Entertainment, Nina Tassler, kicked off the network's panels by joking that her allotted time window had been shortened since she "can respond to questions in 140 characters or less," before commenting on the new Emmys format, The Jay Leno Show and the network's GLAAD ratings.

In response to the network's dismal rating from GLAAD:

"We certainly have to improve our scripted content. [...] Hopefully we'll do better next year."

On the network's decision to air edited footage during the Emmys live show:

"I don't think we're being unfair to the creative community. I think coming out of the telecast last year, I think everyone knew that we had to make a change and change is not easy. The Emmys are about celebration of the television business. [...] [The changes] will have no impact on the integrity of the program."

"It's about adding entertainment to the telecast. More eyeballs means more people watching the new shows. [The goal is] to make a great popular telecast for all of television."

Regarding the network's attitude to NBC's new 10 PM hack-vehicle, The Jay Leno Show:

"For us, it's about the 10 o'clock strategy and knowing that Dave is at the top of his game. We're not really looking to NBC to see what they're doing. We have a huge commitment to scripted programming and we'll continue to follow that course."

On Ben Silverman's departure from NBC:

"I'm just a D-girl so I really wouldn't comment."

Here comes Julianna Margulies to talk about The Good Wife.

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