Ben Stiller on the Red Hour Video Leak: 'They Were All In On It'


By now we hope you've had a moment to take a look at the Red Hour Films industrial movie -- a rare documentary treat offering viewers a glimpse inside Ben Stiller's Kosher Meat Condom factory to show how the trayfe sausage is made. As the footage came to us with no background information, we were left to our own fertile imaginations to conceive of how and why this short project -- which spit-roasted Stiller's new home of Fox and accused CEO Tom Rothman of having his "head so far up [Stiller's] ass, he'd probably have to send Jim Cameron up there with one of his 3-D underwater cameras to pull him out" -- was made.

Made aware of the leak over the weekend, Stiller weighed in.

He wrote to Hollywood Elsewhere:

"It seems the Red Hour Industrial got out there! Just wanted to give you the context if you're interested. It was made for Fox execs and handed out with Red Foxx T-shirts at our initial meeting.

We wanted to do something for them to kick things off. They were all in on it, and especially [Tom] Rothman, who is a good friend. [It was] obviously not meant to go out in the world, but I guess that's pretty hard to stop these days. Hope you're well. Love that Hurt Locker. Best, B."

Like the white-knuckle war movie he name-checks at the end of the communiqué, we were much impressed with Stiller's own nerves of steel, as he donned the anti-P.R.-nightmare protective suit and leaped upon this potentially explosive device before it could detonate in all of their faces.

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