How Junkets Work, With Your Guest Host Tom Skerritt


· Apparently there was a Vermont fly-fishing junket organized just for the Blu-ray release of A River Runs Through It. This afforded one intrepid reporter the rare opportunity to go falconing, fish with co-star Tom Skerritt and cheerfully expose just how far Hollywood will go to get you to watch a special feature or two. (And if he doesn't convince you, don't worry; Skerritt couldn't be bothered either).

· 2012, The Road, The Book of Eli... Hollywood just loves the apocalypse. Who knew?

· "Comrades. Patriots. Fellow nobodies. Hollywood is broken. I come to you with this truth not simply point out the obvious, but to galvanize your support to fix it..." The pay-cutters at WME have met their match in the irrepressible Temp X.

· Wish Anne Thompson all the best (and redirect your browsers) as she and her fine Hollywood blog hop from Variety to indieWIRE, starting Monday.

· Ingmar Bergman and Michelangelo Antonioni died two years ago this week. I know you've got plenty of options for the weekend, but if you can sneak either/or/both Fanny & Alexander and The Passenger in there somewhere on their honor, an angel somewhere will get its wings.