MOVIELINE EXCLUSIVE: Ben Stiller's Fox-Mocking Video Parody

I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume the following Ben Stiller video was not meant for public consumption, but as is the case with sex tapes, if you don't want your production company's lightly incendiary and completely hilarious inside jokes to leak -- don't make 'em.

Back in February, Stiller's production company Red Hour Films left its home at DreamWorks and took up residence at 20th Century Fox. Having been provided this footage anonymously and with no background, we're going to assume the short film you're about to watch was circulated among Red Hour employees and close friends to celebrate the move.

Framed as a vintage industrial film, Stiller walks you through the transition, first by defining what Red Hour is: the producer of such quality entertainments as Zoolander, Blades of Glory, Tropic Thunder and...uh...Jaws, all funded by their proprietary "Kosher Meat Condom" technology.

Among its many highlights:

· Stiller boasts: "Tom Rothman is so far up my ass, he'd probably have to send Jim Cameron up there with one of his 3-D underwater cameras to pull him out."

· A clip reel celebrating Fox's "rich history," consisting entirely of disaster-movie explosions, tidal waves, and poop-dipped orphans.

· A spinning jackpot machine featuring pictures of "always revolving" Fox executives.

· Stiller's execs Jeremy Kramer and Stuart Cornfeld, and their tabloid couple nickname: Jewart.

· A flying Zoolander who smashes other Fox production companies with a hammer.

· Ben arranged to be adopted by Rupert Murdoch, without Rupert's knowledge.

Anyway, enough description -- here's the video:

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  • NoWireHangers says:

    He still makes me laugh.

  • Desk_hack says:

    Good thing you described it; I got the "unavailable" message. Who's hosting it?

  • Kyle Buchanan says:

    Like Stiller's hairstyle, that short film was surprisingly involved, and yet it worked for him.

  • anon says:

    Pretty sure that's Hank Azaria in the VO

  • Kenmandu says:

    That's assuming that the people at Fox have a sense of humor. But they must since they produce Fox News the funniest propaganda on the air since Hitler played Vegas.

  • TimGunn says:

    undying thirst for quarterly dividends = nail on head

  • burt says:

    this is very tim and eric..

  • John Davis says:

    LOL hands down the funniest thing I have seen all year!

  • BB says:

    This was not funny at all and i hate fox.
    And no Burt, this wasn't at all like tim and eric. They are funny

  • Like Stiller's hairstyle!

  • Sassy Lou says:

    Moving to Fox or relation to is committing business, political and social suicide!!!

  • Burton says:

    This is insulting to Ben Stiller (nice name btw, 🙂 )

  • Derek says:

    I like how the narrator you occasionally hear is the actor who does the voice of Moe from the simpsons, same guy from dodgeball.

  • Bratwurst Ninja says:

    You're not so bright are you? It takes a classy individual to take a shot at the only station that reflects any bit of information that isn't praising left wing ideas. Try watching it sometime, since there is almost always an individual from both sides of the political spectrum there to speak on any subject.

  • RMR says:

    Tim and Eric are not funny IMO. Ben Stiller's hair: hilarious! Yes that's Hank Azaria in the voice-over, he's the guy from the Simpson's Moe.
    Fox is great, profit and Glenn Beck all at once...

  • SHIRLEYE42 says:


  • Bill o'Reilly says:

    Hahaha Haha I am sorry Bratwurst Ninja, but we at Fox provide anything BUT fair and balanced news reporting. Heck, it's not even news reporting, we just try to feed you what the government wants you to think, that was until the power shifted to the democrats.

  • Daniel M says:

    If by both sides you mean one that routinely lies, distorts and omits (Fox/O'Reilly/Hannity) and the another that at least tries to adhere to journalistic standards (most other mainstream outlets), then yes, Fox shows both sides. You are confusing truth with news whose bias you agree with. I read news from multiple sources routinely and Fox is by far the most distorted news in the mainstream.

  • Barry says:

    JERRY Stiller makes funnier videos for Rush concerts.

  • Ugarte says:

    Trey Parker and Matt Stone did it earlier (and better):