Movieline Presents the Never-Before-Seen Concept Art For Warner Bros.' Thundercats

Everyone has their own '80s cartoon franchise that meant something to them, and mine was ThunderCats: The Rankin/Bass series followed of a race of humanoid felines from the planet Thundera, forced to evacuate after their home comes under siege by the fearsome Mutants of Plun-Darr (who looked a bit like reptilian Ernest Borgnines.) Yes, I still hold a fond place in my heart for Lion-O, Cheetara, Panthro, Tygra, Snarf and the rest, and so Warner Bros.' announcement a while back of a Thundercats movie filled me with the warm, fuzzy feelings one typically associates with watching Saturday morning TV while eating peanut-butter-and-grape-jelly sandwiches. The script, written by Paul Sopocy, was to follow Lion-O's origin myth from young cub to his anointment as Lord of the ThunderCats, and was to be directed by veteran art director Jerry O'Flaherty.

In conjunction with our coverage of Comic-Con 2009, Movieline has obtained O'Flaherty's never-before-seen Thundercats concept art, demonstrating just how gorgeous and ambitious his vision for this production is. After the jump, you'll see Thundercats renderings of Lion-O, The Pyramid, Third Earth, and Mutant Attack.



  • Shahraz says:

    This is horrible. It looks like Ron Pearlman being the beast and Linda Hamilton is missing. This Lion'o look horrible. The design look's like a humannoid Lion being a wuss. They should stick close to the original design. A total redesign on Lion'o please Warner Brothers.

  • mwatts255 says:

    how about cringer from he-man? and bumble from the original transformers show? or even Klunk from the bionic six?(ok, i admit that last one was a p.o.c. show that should not have lasted 2 seasons)

  • Turtle W says:

    dude, these images are incredible! jerry o'flaherty's gears of war is amazing.. can you imagine if he directed g.i. joe??

  • don d says:

    Come on...look at Lion-o's arms! They're massive! I'd pay to see more of that anyday.

  • Bearfoot says:

    Apparently everything in the future has "Movieline" plastered over it...

  • Drake says:

    only thing I'd keep are the boots
    a CGI movie instead at least 300 realism will be like Star Wars:The Clone Wars is to the real deal

  • Mark B says:

    Wow, this looks terrible. I am a huge ThunderCats fan and have been anxiously awaiting this movie, but I pray that they don't use this horrible design for Lion-O.

  • Dork Knight says:

    I've been a fan from the very first episode and have to say - this looks freaking amazing!! Please keep these images coming. Cheetara! Mumm-Ra! Panthro! Where are you guys??

  • cay says:

    more tights less leather!!

  • artfarter says:

    I've seen much much much interesting looking thundercat interpretations over the years at,, and a few other art sites.
    When will the hollywood idiots learn to just google for TRUE HUGE fans of the property and get their suggestions before starting anything.

  • Rob E Ra says:

    Hey.. that liono looks like a tamed tatted romeo, wonder why the gals dig it so much. Too much a twist for this Thunder-Kat, I like the O.G. style... I know the toon style might be o.d.'ing it too for this flic but c'mon ppl!? Enough of this japan-a-mania-ism-ation date movie $#*!

  • Wickamo says:

    Don't listen to these nay-sayers. I'm a huge fan of Thundercats, I loved the old cartoon, but you can't make a modern movie look like the old designs or it will look rediculous. The artwork on this page looks incredible and much more realistic than anything that could be taken from the old show. Excellent job, stick with your designs and don't let a few past-huggers sway your current view for this movie. Great Lion-O'.

  • Samuel says:

    This rendering of Lion-O is of a super duper bad ass, extra slick, hyper designed, beyond buff, ultra cool dude. One problem, that isn't Lion-O. This rendering looks like a war hardened mercenary. Lion-O was just a lad that recently got his muscles. He was naive and playful. He wondered about innocent things as he talked to Snarf on a forest walk. He laughed a lot and wanted the best for everyone. Yes, he had a certain arrogance when fighting Mumm-Ra and the mutants, but he's still just a muscular boy and not a fashionable mercenary. And this dudes eyes are too close together too.
    I'll give it an A for effort, but it takes more than effort and bad ass intentions. We need to capture the character here and we have failed to do so. To draw up yet another hollywood bad boy makes it blend into everything we've already seen, and therefore less special. And Thundercats is very very special.

  • Rich says:

    thats what lion-o's suit should look like!

  • Emmanuel P says:

    That looks nothing like Lion-O. His face resembles Jackalman more than Lion-O. It's good to update and improve on the original design but don't change it so much that there isn't even a shred of the original design left! We love the old Thundercats.

  • Hurl says:

    Yeah, imagine him looking like this, but acting like the naif who just got off the ship. That's what this was.

  • Siddique Noor Ahmad says:

    Guys all that I can say about this
    movie is that I am sold and this
    movie gets my votes. Well almost I
    mean the graphics seem Wicked Sick
    (if that is even a term). But to be
    frankly quite honest that guy who
    is he supposed to be because I am
    telling you that sure as heck doesn't
    look like the Lion-o that I grew up
    watching and knew. Sure he looks
    like some Mutated cat/Lion humanoid
    but he sure as heck doesn't look like
    the Lion-o we all knew and grew up with.
    Call me old fashioned if you like or
    whatever but let me tell you I don't
    like change a whole lot and if this is
    going to be as true to the animated series
    and also if this is an full CGI movie
    like Final Fantasy Children then I want
    to see the original uniform unless it
    is based in the future (ie after the show
    ended) only then will I accept a new design
    and even then I would like to see the
    original suit via flashback and kept as
    a memento or something. If this is going
    to be a live action movie then I can
    understand the actors may feel a bit foolish
    and may not want to wear such clothes
    so I may go for some changes but sure as
    my name is ..... I dont want to see this
    much change. Also where in blazes is his
    Sword, plus these guys haven't even got
    the Thundercat insignia Right. If these
    people want my vote for good reviews cool
    graphics and great storylines aren't going
    to fully sell it to me I want classic
    originalities as well as well as the great
    sense of humor that was always present in
    that show. Cant wait to see images of the
    Thunder Tank and Cats Lair as well plus
    the images of all the other Thundercats as
    well and yes that includes Snarf. The new
    guys can always come in some sequel. Plus
    I would also like to see images of the
    I would love to hear your comments on this
    till next time
    make mine Marvel
    Nuff Said
    A Loyal Fan

  • Rooster says:

    I grew up watching the Thundercats! lol everyday I would run home to plop down in front of the TV and watch my beloved Cats. I must say the new drawings are amazing! As much as the 80's comic book tights were fun at the time.... The new look is AMAZING! Lion-O has a much more realistic grasp to him. Its great to see a revamp on these dated cartoon characters. Dont get me wrong the tights and cheesy oneliners were great when I was in my young teens but its 2010! Time for some changes! I just hope they dont get crazy and GI Joe this film.

  • Zombieboyfiend says:

    I think my inner child just committed suicide. G.I. Joe Resolute was great, they need to take it in that direction.

  • Leo says:

    For real actors casting:
    Lion-o: Brad Pitt
    Panthro: Vin Diesel
    Tygra: Ryan Reynolds
    Cheetara: Kirsten Stewart
    Mumm-Ra: David Bowie
    WilyKit: AnnaSophia Robb
    WilyKat:Freddie Highmore
    Snarf: CGI Voiced by Jack Black

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  • rentals says:

    The marketplace within Myrtle Beach is performing a whole lot better - I don't think we're going to ever see sales like there were in 2005

  • zabu says:

    Looks horrible. Yet another rape job of a classic childrens show. Stupid country.

  • malmal says:

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