Daft Punk Will Tour In Support of Tron Legacy Soundtrack, And Other Comic-Con Revelations

So it's been a whirlwind of 3-D delights inside Hall H over here at Comic-Con. The rules, as they portend to liveblogging, recording, photographing and the like are somewhat amorphous, but as best as I can make out, recording video is punishable by death, still photos of slides is kosher, and photographing the visitors (like Johnny Depp! And The Big TronBowski, who was in attendance, and who Patton Oswalt actually made a "Big TronBowski" joke about) is encouraged.

I ran out of juice on my little Macbook, but I managed to find an outlet near the men's bathrooms, where I spied King of the Fanboys Harry Knowles (who I briefly considered dressing as this year, but went instead for my old standby "JEWBACCA" T-shirt -- if you see me in it, say hi!) being rolled out in a wheelchair complaining that the "screaming was about to start." In other words, we're about ten minutes away from the New Moon panel.

As for breaking news, here's some tidbits:

· After showing a lengthy scene from A Christmas Carol, which looked pretty spectacular and whipped the crowd into a frenzy, director Robert Zemeckis played coy to a question about a sequel to Roger Rabbit, but then added that the two main characters would "remain 2-D in the a 3-D world....IF I were going to do it, which I'm not saying I am."

· Tron 2.0 is now called Tron Legacy, and the Big TronBowski wouldn't reveal much by way of why, saying, "When I look forward to a movie, the less I know about it the better." He did acknolwedge it involves a son's search for his father, and that he was that father.

· By now you've seen the photos of Johnny Depp, whose arrival nearly shook the building. Pattinson: The gauntlet has been laid. In discussing character design, Tim Burton acknowledged Johnny contributed, "as always," and that they both agreed red hair is insane-looking and deserved to be explored. (See Carrot Top side by side.)

· Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski described his meeting with Daft Punk as being a "mysterious pancake breakfast in L.A." And yes, they were wearing the helmets. Asked if they tour in support of the soundtrack, he said there would definitely be Daft Punk Tron-themed events on the horizon.

New Moon panel is starting now. May god be with me.


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