Jay Leno Sneak Previews the Laugh-Free Monologue He Plans To Unveil in September


Sadly, Guadalupe Zambrano and his Houston-area real-estate-sales endeavors have been forced out of their rightful domain by NBC's legal goons, with http://thejaylenoshow.com/ now the realm of their 10 p.m. disaster in the making hacky-comedy cavalcade, The Jay Leno Show. Which basically means the only hilarious thing you'd have ever found on that website -- ie. a stubborn realtor's refusal to budge in the face of increasingly desperate corporate pressure -- is now history, replaced by content reminiscent of a health insurance website.


Against a backdrop of muted colors and earth-tones, you're invited to "Meet Bryan" -- a "backstage correspondent" who looks like he's just been informed of an illness not covered by his HMO -- or scan "Vicki's 10 By 10," hosted by band member Vicki Randle, looking even more morose than Bryan.

Why the long faces? We think watching the following video will explain everything you need to know about the self-loathing that festers inside you like a cancer, after being made to repeatedly fake-laugh at your boss's terrible jokes convincingly enough to keep your job another day. Our hearts and prayers are with them. Be strong, Bryan, Vicki, and the rest. [The Jay Leno Show]


  • whoneedslight says:

    I'm picturing DeNiro as Max Cady in the movie theater scene, ROFL!!!

  • cody mccall says:

    In the interests of fairness, don't you think you should mention this unauthorized clip is brought to us by WorldWidePants? C'mon, Letterman, if you can't beat Conan the Humorless, you can't beat ANYbody!

  • JJ MICHAELS says:

    oh, my god that was awful. i was waiting for the staff to throw things, or throw up. instead, the laughed like those three lame one liners were actually humorous. oh, wait... of course they did. they just wrote them for jay upstairs. i can, and i do write better. c'mon... challenge me.

  • Susan says:

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