New Moon Desktop Offers Preview of Boys vs. Girls War at Comic-Con

Like a chastity belt that can only be undone by the hunkiest, sparkliest vampire in all of Forks, the website for The Twilight Saga: New Moon opened up today, revealing all sorts of never-before-seen art, stills, and desktop backgrounds. Our favorite new element?

Well, that would surely be the desktop-ready picture glimpsed above, which inspired two questions at Movieline HQ:

1) Does the elastic-faced Jasper Rathbone not have photo approval?

2) Is this a mere preview of the battle-of-the-sexes war that will (hopefully) break out between the Avatar Boys and Twilight Girls? Be careful, ladies: If you take a Hall H seat that was reserved for a Tron fanboy, even a well-muscled, fierce-eyebrowed Kellan Lutz won't be able to hold that nerd back.

· official new moon website launched! photoshopped pics galore! [ONTD]


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